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We Have Created Professionals
We Provide Best Accounting Services Nationwide
We are proud of ourselves for continuously providing high-quality accounting services and outstanding customer service. Our client is our priority and we drive business by our ethical values. We believe in problem-solving and becoming a part of the business of our clients rather than just an accountant.
Payroll-Hadi Accountants CPAs

We also process payroll for almost all states of US, with the federal, state and local filings for you and your employee and contractors...

Accounting services-taxation, Hadi cpa.

Our tax experts offer services for individual and business tax filings, such as monthly, quarterly and annually. Tax planning...k

Accounting-Hadi CPA.

Our accounting services include a complete solution for your business which includes bookkeeping, financials and taxation. We offer to...

Services-accounting. Hadi CPA.


We have the right caring, experienced, and dedicated professional for all your accounting needs.

Services-taxation-Hadi CPA. Dollar symbol.


We handle an entire range of complex tax matters and global tax compliance for both for-profit and nonprofits.


We handle payrolls for all US states and overseas businesses with government filings.

Services-auditing and reviews. Hadi CPA.

Auditing & Reviews

Our audit team conducts a full audit and does the review depending on the requirement. we maintain a high quality of work for our clients.

Federal & State Filings

We takes care of periodic business federal state and local tax filings and all non tax business filings.


We maintain all your books and produce comparative financial results periodically with the industry benchmark ratios.

Financial Statements

The financial statement include complete set of Profit and Loss account, Balance sheet and cash and fund flow of your business.

Services-IRS representation-Hadi cpa. Office files-material.

IRS Representation

We will represent you in front of IRS, we analyze the case and assist in preparation of all your workpapers

Services, Hadi CPA. Pie chart contains financial stats.

Financial Reporting

We offer a broad range of financial reporting, the internal financial reporting and/or external financial reporting.


Financial Planning

Our financial planners are expert in drawing a comprehensive financial plans which fits your business need and maximize the ROI.

Budgets & Plans

We prepare the budget and plan for your business so you can best use the resources and manage your money efficiently.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is essential as a tax expert we plan your tax matters ahead so you know the tax consequences and manage taxes.

Business Excellence

Our business excellence team review the processes and bring performance excellence to reduce waste and cut cost.

Not For Profit

Our Staff is Expert in compiling reviewing on filing of the IRS 990 of the Non Profit Organizations.

Franchise Business

Are you interested in opening a franchise business, we help in acquisition and meeting the corporate requirements.

Financial Reporting

We can help you in producing ad-hoc reports tailor to your need to better analyze the data and make business decisions.

Zero Based Cost Savings

Our consulting services covers almost all area of cost accounting, zero based budgets and cost saving analysis and reporting.

H1 VISA Consultancy

We do visa and immigration consultancy, we process all kind of visa and immigration applications through lawyers in our legal.

Funding Mentorship

We assist you in obtaining business funding and mentor through the process.

Processing Merchant

We help you minimize in merchant processing fees.

Business Expansion

We help small and mid size business in growing and expansion with plan and funds.

We are the accountants of many startups. We understand how important is the value of each dollar if you are struggling to build a business, every dollar count and worth more then where it spends. As startup owner the return on investment calculated on each dollar invest. Our professional staff expert in startup business learned a lot by serving many startups to advise and assist you in every step from bookkeeping to payroll and taxation at very reasonable cost to save your valuable money to spend wisely.

Services-startups. Hadi CPA.
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