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Our Services

Payroll-Hadi Accountants CPAs

We also process payroll for almost all states of US, with the federal, state and local filings for you and your employee and contractors...

Accounting services-taxation, Hadi cpa.

Our tax experts offer services for individual and business tax filings, such as monthly, quarterly and annually. Tax planning...k

Accounting-Hadi CPA.

Our accounting services include a complete solution for your business which includes bookkeeping, financials and taxation. We offer to...

We cover it for all


If you are filing 1040, 1040 EZ, 1040-SR and 1040-NR then we are the right choice. Let our dedicated CPA take cares of your this year return.


We file 1120-S and 1065 for small to mid-size business. Our business side expert CPA team make sure that your business return file with IRS error free.


Every penny counts when it comes to Startups. Let us maximize your refund and do the financial and tax planning for your business in advance


For complex structured corporate with parent subsidiary relations mergers acquisition. We ensure that your tax return is free from errors and omission

Avoid the risk

Let us cover your business and reduce your risk exposure  

Tax Audit Defense

Are you in a IRS tax audit even if not every business require to reduce its risk from tax audit. Tax audits are costly require expert attention

Payroll audit defense

Payroll audit are one of the most common audit every business suffers. It cost as well as got dirty if not given proper attention. Think ahead and secure yourself

Tax Advisory & Planning

Without proper tax planning your business and personal assets are on stake and exposed to many risks. Minimize your risk and avoid pay heavy penalty by future tax planning 

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